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What is SpaceX Starlink?

After continuously securing rounds and rounds of contracts with NASA, in years previous and in anticipation of Artemis/Gateway, SpaceX has ‘launched’ yet another product in preparation for the age of interplanetary communication. Starlink aims to revive the now-reasonable ambitions of worldwide Wi-Fi through a terrestrial satellite network. Terrestrial Satellite networks have been an area ofContinue reading “What is SpaceX Starlink?”

The CubeSat Approach to Space Access

Armen Toorian, Ken Diaz, Simon Lee : NASA JPL As advances in technology make payloads andinstruments for space missions smaller, lighter, and morepower efficient, a niche market is emerging from theuniversity community to perform rapidly developed, lowcost missions on very small spacecraft – micro, nano, andpicosatellites. Among this class of spacecraft, are CubeSats,with a basicContinue reading “The CubeSat Approach to Space Access”

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